What We Do

Through the lens and model of Mentoring, LF provides K-12th graders opportunities for engagement in their own development using critical literacy and critical media frameworks. Collaboration with Family, Schools and Community is central to AA male development and growth, and is used to build strong and positive networks and supports across different settings. LF also provides consultation to

these groups around issues impacting the developing AA male student scholars. 



Literacy Development

Educator Consultation

Family Collaboration

Community Building

Mental Health Support


Critical Literacy and Critical Media Literacy

Critical literacy allows students to examine social, political, and historical contexts and its influence on their everyday lives. Applying these practices with African American males can advance academic achievement by challenging traditional literacy instruction, encourages collaborative learning, and allows students to establish a sense of social justice (Wood and Jocious, 2008).

Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create, and act using all forms of communication. Critical media literacy focuses on unpacking hidden power messages in media and learning to resist the messages (Alvermann and Hagood 2000; Share 2009.)

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